Customer Service – Important aspect in Marketing

Businesses, when adapting to changes in technology, forget the most important aspect in marketing and that is customer service. Customer service involves dealing with customer’s complaints and questions, if they are in need of advice and guidance on a company’s products or services. We all want to cut down on expenses that are unnecessary, for example paying a telephone bill of £30 a month but the only people that call you is only family members, and this is important to budget out your daily life.

Companies who use automatic responders to answer questions are not there for their customers, as they have lost their human touch in caring for the customers. If a business advertises their mobile number, so that you can call them at any time, take advantage of this opportunity as this business cares for you and will help you. There is a quote that I positively agree with and that is, ‘To have superior customer service, you have to be mediocre as everyone else sucks’ even though it is harsh it is the actual truth of today’s society.

Blogging can provide helpful customer service as you can provide resources and answer questions to your readers, but sometimes people can take advantage of people’s kindness and abuse their helpful advice even though they asked the question to you. Although keeping up with technology is a vital aspect for businesses, do not forget that nothing beats the human touch of caring for customers even if it is a phone call, face to face on a webcam or actually going to the customers’ house to help them is all important to have great customer service.