Blogging- The way forward

Businesses and individuals create blogs for many reasons as they want the content to reach a specific target audience. Although, trying to produce a successful blog takes time, contribution and effort on the writer but what is it that they are trying to achieve and what is their purpose for getting your attention?

Where to go to create a blog

There are sites that are free to use to create a blog to express your opinions and thoughts to other people and they are blogger, weebly and wordpress. Weebly is a good site as you can create a website and a blog, which is helpful for businesses to promote their products and for individuals to build a website using easy tools. Blogger uses your Google mail account, in order to create a blog, and uses a similar format like wordpress as you can add new posts and videos to your content.

WordPress has two sites, a dot com and a dot org, to create your content but the dot org requires you to buy a hosting service before you can produce articles. If you have created blogs on the .com, you can transfer it to your .org account after you have paid for a hosting service. The two best choices for your hosting service is bluehost and dreamhost, as both of them only cost as little as $3.95 per month.

How to monetize your blog 

Individuals and businesses make extra money by monetizing their blogs through simple methods, which are going to be explained in detail. There are in fact 101 ways to monetize your blog, as the research has been done for you, by clicking this link it will take you to another site that will provide you with excellent ideas. One idea is to sell ad space on your blog.

Selling ad space will take time as you have to look for sponsors who are looking for places to advertise and you will have to create an advertise page within your blog. Make sure that the sponsors advertisement suits your blog style, for example you would not have any fashion adverts if your blog is all about motor racing or sports. You can start early for sponsors, as you can also join affiliate programs to gain sales by promoting their products. Here is an example of a website advertising jewelry: Blaze-Jewelry 

Is marketingblog monetizing their blog

This blog will not have any monetizing value at all, as this is a resource to help you gain information and experience in marketing. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I am glad with all the positive comments, keep blogging and remember: ‘Rome was not build in a day’