Continuing 10,000 views in 3 weeks

How does Traffic Swirl work?

Traffic Swirl has a 0.6:1 ratio for free members, but if you manage to surf 50 sites for five days it will increase to 0.8:1 and stay at the ratio (but it will drop if you do not surf 50 sites on the next day). You also can win credit turbo (2 credits instead of 0.8) and surf turbo (4 second timer instead of 8 or 10) which will help you to surf faster and gain more to advertise your site.

On each day, there is a different game that you can play to win prizes and they are:

  • Cash money Monday
  • Treasure Tuesday
  • Pick a paw Wednesday
  • Shell game Thursday
  • Fun day Friday
  • Turbo wins Saturday
  • Secret Agent Sunday

So you will not get bored and there are lots of incentives, even though it is ranked 105 in Traffic exchanges, it is the best on social and active surfers. You can advertise 25 sites, banners and text ads of your choice.

How does FCAT work?

Fast Cash and Traffic is a mailer and a traffic exchange site, which you can win reward points (on the 5 view) and a cash reward (on the 50 view). The amount will change everday as you can win one cent or ten cents, but it is easier to get commissions by promoting the site andsurfing. You can join for free, but you will not be able to access the traffic exchange part, only the mailer sent to your inbox.

For this site you can have a 7 day free trial and pay $3.95 a month for gold account or the owner will give you a deal to pay only one amount to be gold, but it is your choice. In my opinion, if you are not too sure go with the free trial and if you believe this site will suit your needs then you can upgrade at a later date.


10,000 views in 3 weeks – More promoting!

The blog has made an achievement of getting 10,000 views in 3 weeks, which is a good target, but you are probably wondering, “How did you get that much in that amount of time?” The answer is simple and it is traffic exchanges.

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a site that lets you put your site in rotation so that other members can view it and you can view other peoples in exchange for gaining credits to advertise more. Now, this is perfect for small businesses who want to try a free or low cost way to gain customers, but bare in mind that they might not be interested as they are also trying to advertise their site as well.

There are over 20,000 to choose from, but I will give you some advice on which ones actually help you to promote effectively and efficiently. The first site is a resource that sends your link to thousands of manual traffic exchanges, as you can put the same website in three times (free members) or five times (gold member- $4.95 per month + 1000 credits per month), it is called explosive traffic.

How does Explosive Traffic Work?

Explosive Traffic earns credits differently, as you have to earn them by promoting your agent link in other traffic exchanges. The agent link will look something like this (username for site), as you will gain 0.6 credits for a free member or 1 credit for gold member when your agent link is viewed. On the other hand, you have another option to buy them but  for only promoting content the free option is better. This means to gain a lot of credits, you will have to join at least 8-10 traffic exchanges that let you use the same site link lots of times. The site is owned by John Bell, who owns two more traffic exchanges and a mailer, and they let their members transfer credits from his other sites to any others. John Bell owns Traffic-Swirl, FastCashandTraffic and Virallistbuilderplus.

How does Virallistbuilder help?

Viral list builder plus allows members to send emails, where you can view as many as you like, to advertise their site. When you read an email, for 20 seconds, you get between 1-10 credits and between 0-3 reward points and you can save them for good prizes. The amount of credits and reward points you get is random for each mail, but you can transfer credits from this site to any mentioned above or if you save up your reward points you can buy lots of credits or an upgrade for one week.

You can collect reward points quicker by accomplishing tasks, for example read 5000 emails for 1000 reward points or comment on 25 emails to get 250 points, this will help you a lot in the beginning. Although, there are two upgrade options if you want to gain more credits and benefits, they are basic and plus.

Basic (Receive 10-30 Credits per email. Send Emails every 5 days. 500 Free Credits per Month 1,000 Free Emails per mailing.)

Prices: $7 one month, $17 three months or $27 six months (all on subscription for Paypal or Payza)

Plus (Receive 30-50 Credits per email. Send Emails every 2 days. 2,000 Free credits per month 3,000 Free Emails per mailing. Increased open rates! Plus member emails award 1-5 reward points.)

Prices: $17 one month, $47 three month, $87 six month (all on subscription for Paypal or Payza)

What is the best choice?

Promoting requires a lot of dedication and motivation, as depending on if you want to go on the surfing route in traffic exchanges then all what you have to do is just keep on clicking and viewing lots of sites. On the other hand, if you have a big business and can handle the costs then it does not matter if you buy them as the amount of traffic you will get depends on your account level.

*Tomorrow will be a post explaining Traffic Swirl and FCAT (fastcashandtraffic)*