New Website Created- Opportunity for you

Been quite busy setting up a website, which is going to benefit you and your business. The new site has products for sale and a service where you can advertise or promote your own banners and text link ads. The products are books on specific areas of marketing, which include list building, autoresponders and social networking. Have a look at the store, as this will gain you more knowledge.

The service that we will be providing is promoting your products and to do this all you have to do is donate $1 on the site and email the banner codes/web-address for text ad to Now, you are probably thinking ‘why have we not set up a Paypal subscription for this’? Well, its hosting service is a free one but we will be investing into our site soon, so that you can gain more benefits in using our services.

Also we have programs, that you may wish to join as a free member, that will help you gain traffic and some that will help to raise cash. We will be adding new content to the site, for which if you want to keep updated, you could subscribe to on the homepage. Thank you for your time.

Down below is a free report for you to download.

92 WaysTo Monetize Your WordPressBlog


Customer Service – Important aspect in Marketing

Businesses, when adapting to changes in technology, forget the most important aspect in marketing and that is customer service. Customer service involves dealing with customer’s complaints and questions, if they are in need of advice and guidance on a company’s products or services. We all want to cut down on expenses that are unnecessary, for example paying a telephone bill of £30 a month but the only people that call you is only family members, and this is important to budget out your daily life.

Companies who use automatic responders to answer questions are not there for their customers, as they have lost their human touch in caring for the customers. If a business advertises their mobile number, so that you can call them at any time, take advantage of this opportunity as this business cares for you and will help you. There is a quote that I positively agree with and that is, ‘To have superior customer service, you have to be mediocre as everyone else sucks’ even though it is harsh it is the actual truth of today’s society.

Blogging can provide helpful customer service as you can provide resources and answer questions to your readers, but sometimes people can take advantage of people’s kindness and abuse their helpful advice even though they asked the question to you. Although keeping up with technology is a vital aspect for businesses, do not forget that nothing beats the human touch of caring for customers even if it is a phone call, face to face on a webcam or actually going to the customers’ house to help them is all important to have great customer service.

More free resources

Internet marketing involves a lot of aspects, which can include selling products or services for someone else, producing your own products and joining programs to earn commissions. Although, I personally know the feeling of trying to sell digital and even physical products to customers and it can be hard to make a sale. I will be giving you 3 more free eBooks on how you can improve on becoming an internet marketer and of course making the important sales. These will be guidelines, as the people who published these articles have had long experience and expertise in their field, so these resources will be worth the reading.

The first book informs you of all the myths about internet marketing and affiliate programs. The author tells you if these facts are true or false and you will not believe the information that is true. Making money online is not difficult, as anyone can earn money, it just depends on the amount of time and effort that you have put into your business opportunity. Some of us, including myself, have put in a lot of effort but come up with little amounts like $5 a month or even less, this is why perseverance is key in making sure to never give up.

The author of quick cash formula tells you important steps that you must do, in order to become successful in affiliate marketing. They tell of websites that you can join, so that you can promote other members products or even create your own product that other people can sell for you. Finally the get paid to build your business talks about affiliate marketing also, as this type of marketing in extremely popular on the internet as many of us, want to earn money by doing these tasks or providing people with our services like ‘I will get you 7000 extra views on your site for $/£ so many’.

Down below is the links, and comment if these have helped in any way possible.

Continuing 10,000 views in 3 weeks

How does Traffic Swirl work?

Traffic Swirl has a 0.6:1 ratio for free members, but if you manage to surf 50 sites for five days it will increase to 0.8:1 and stay at the ratio (but it will drop if you do not surf 50 sites on the next day). You also can win credit turbo (2 credits instead of 0.8) and surf turbo (4 second timer instead of 8 or 10) which will help you to surf faster and gain more to advertise your site.

On each day, there is a different game that you can play to win prizes and they are:

  • Cash money Monday
  • Treasure Tuesday
  • Pick a paw Wednesday
  • Shell game Thursday
  • Fun day Friday
  • Turbo wins Saturday
  • Secret Agent Sunday

So you will not get bored and there are lots of incentives, even though it is ranked 105 in Traffic exchanges, it is the best on social and active surfers. You can advertise 25 sites, banners and text ads of your choice.

How does FCAT work?

Fast Cash and Traffic is a mailer and a traffic exchange site, which you can win reward points (on the 5 view) and a cash reward (on the 50 view). The amount will change everday as you can win one cent or ten cents, but it is easier to get commissions by promoting the site andsurfing. You can join for free, but you will not be able to access the traffic exchange part, only the mailer sent to your inbox.

For this site you can have a 7 day free trial and pay $3.95 a month for gold account or the owner will give you a deal to pay only one amount to be gold, but it is your choice. In my opinion, if you are not too sure go with the free trial and if you believe this site will suit your needs then you can upgrade at a later date.

Blogging- The way forward

Businesses and individuals create blogs for many reasons as they want the content to reach a specific target audience. Although, trying to produce a successful blog takes time, contribution and effort on the writer but what is it that they are trying to achieve and what is their purpose for getting your attention?

Where to go to create a blog

There are sites that are free to use to create a blog to express your opinions and thoughts to other people and they are blogger, weebly and wordpress. Weebly is a good site as you can create a website and a blog, which is helpful for businesses to promote their products and for individuals to build a website using easy tools. Blogger uses your Google mail account, in order to create a blog, and uses a similar format like wordpress as you can add new posts and videos to your content.

WordPress has two sites, a dot com and a dot org, to create your content but the dot org requires you to buy a hosting service before you can produce articles. If you have created blogs on the .com, you can transfer it to your .org account after you have paid for a hosting service. The two best choices for your hosting service is bluehost and dreamhost, as both of them only cost as little as $3.95 per month.

How to monetize your blog 

Individuals and businesses make extra money by monetizing their blogs through simple methods, which are going to be explained in detail. There are in fact 101 ways to monetize your blog, as the research has been done for you, by clicking this link it will take you to another site that will provide you with excellent ideas. One idea is to sell ad space on your blog.

Selling ad space will take time as you have to look for sponsors who are looking for places to advertise and you will have to create an advertise page within your blog. Make sure that the sponsors advertisement suits your blog style, for example you would not have any fashion adverts if your blog is all about motor racing or sports. You can start early for sponsors, as you can also join affiliate programs to gain sales by promoting their products. Here is an example of a website advertising jewelry: Blaze-Jewelry 

Is marketingblog monetizing their blog

This blog will not have any monetizing value at all, as this is a resource to help you gain information and experience in marketing. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I am glad with all the positive comments, keep blogging and remember: ‘Rome was not build in a day’

Free programs for advertising

Just like in a previous post about Adkreator, there are other websites that are free for you to be creative in your marketing strategy and marketing plan, and the next one is a site called BannerFans. As the name suggests, it is a nice step by step layout for you to create your own banners with one of their designs or with one of your own pictures for the background. Down below is a quick banner that was made, in a few minutes, to show you that even your family members can create a banner for their business.

Marketing blog banner

You can choose a lot of layouts like a small square banner or a half of a banner, as it is your design. The next program is where you can create a squeeze page, but for you to down load it you will need to unzip it, and it is called easy squeeze page builder.

If you do not want to download a zipped file then this option is not for you, however this is just another program that will help you to advertise to your hearts content and to build your list.

Splash Page

Knowledge is Power

Marketing, for any method like video marketing, requires a lot of research and sometimes even money, before even starting to promote your business. Another item that marketing needs is resources, but the question is on where to find these resources? Well I will be including links to free eBooks and reports on how to start from the beginning and provide information for you to keep.

You are probably thinking, ” Is there a catch, free resources impossible“?

There is no catch at all and you can download them in PDF format right below. There are 14 free eBooks that you can download and I recommend them, as they have helped me from the beginning. All these eBooks are guides and are written from people who have had longer experience in the field of internet marketing and marketing in general.

7-Figure-List-Building      365 Power Sales Methods     Autoresponder Profit System    Branding For Dollars   Desperate-Market-Domination    Elite Social Marketing    Keyword-Research-Demystified    Fantastic Funded Proposal    Renegade-Traffic-Tactics     social marketing 2008    Free Traffic Forever    Top Notch Email Marketing    Traffic Exchange Solutions    WordPress Optimization Secrets

*some links in the eBooks, might not work but these are to help you